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You can’t play locally with a friend in split-screen anymore, or take part in co-op seasons like in previous games. The multiplayer menu has an option to play with friends in individual races, which is just as well, because in days of trying to connect to any of the online lobbies, I never once found a game.

An entire graphics overhaul means F1 looks better than ever, but it’s not without its own issues. Disappearing wheels and graphical glitches take the sheen off an otherwise great looking drive.

And while the PC at work allowed me to play hours with barely a hitch, my home computer crashed more often than Pastor Maldonado on an opening lap. As wonderfully fun as the racing can be in F1 , few things are more frustrating than your PC crashing to desktop after surviving 31 laps around Marina Bay.

The game also has no safety car–not even the virtual safety car that was added to the season. So it’s more than a bit strange to see a four car pileup happen behind you in Monaco, only for the race to continue as if nothing happened.

While in-game crashes are more spectacular than ever, the car damage is too inconsistent. Ram into the back of another car, and your front wing has as much chance of being totally unaffected as it does realistically breaking into pieces. F1 is an incredibly frustrating game, representing both a wonderful step forward and a massive stumble.

Serious technical issues, a dearth of game modes, and multiplayer which is functionally broken on the PC sour what is otherwise a wonderful driving game. If you can get F1 to run without crashing on your PC, and you’re satisfied playing Championship Mode, this is a marvelously fun driving game.

But just like in Formula One racing, no matter how good your car feels around the track, it counts for nothing if you can’t get it past the chequered flag. Reliability is key in racing, and right now F1 on PC has too little of it. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos.

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About the Author. More GameSpot Reviews. Load Comments Use your keyboard! Check out a series of gorgeous screenshots for Codemasters’ upcoming racing game. F1 First Released Jul 9, released. You’re Good to Go! Latest on F1 F1 – Teaser Trailer Check out the teaser trailer for F1 F1 PC Video Review F1 has the best on-circuit action the series has ever seen, buts serious technical issues, a dearth of game modes, and multiplayer which is functionally broken sour what is F1 Gets Stunning New Screenshots Check out a series of gorgeous screenshots for Codemasters’ upcoming racing game.


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Version: v 1. F1 – a racing simulator of the most popular motorsport series. Thanks to the updated Ego Engine, it has made significant progress over past Codemasters autos. Weather conditions convey the atmosphere on the track as closely as possible. Rain not only makes the screen more cloudy, but every drop on the racer’s helmet is visible when viewed from the eyes, driving close to the enemy, you will interfere with each other in the form of a small wet fog.

Redesigned curb exits. Now fans of aggressive attacks on the apexes and late braking will have to get used to new conditions, because even one wheel drive onto the grass or rubble will cost much more seconds than before. Also, the changes affected the replay mode, with the new camera and telegraphy it will be difficult to distinguish from the real Grand Prix. Serious work has been done on the details, the mechanics in the pits are busy with their duties, preparing the tires, adjusting the car, and this creates an atmosphere of reality, as if you looked into those places that are not shown on the broadcasts of this Formula.

The gameplay is arcade by default, many assistants are included, for example, showing the trajectory or assistance in braking. If you are ready to try your hand at races with the most similar conditions to real pilots, you can always turn off all types of assistance from artificial intelligence.

And even start a career in the “Pro-Season” mode, where you have to compete for victory in the overall standings and the Constructors’ Cup with the full duration of the weekend, where only the race itself will take about 2 hours, and there are still practices and qualifications. All that you can see and perceive is the cockpit view. One might think that this is a major deterioration from the other games.

On the contrary, though, this limitation enhances the essence of thrill in the game. Codemasters, the developer of the game, has completely ripped the game of its accessories. The career mode of the game has also been rendered quite bland. You can no longer customise your characters.

You can no longer choose which kind of character you would like to play. Instead, you get to play one famous racer for the entirety of one season! This time the game also brings to the table a pro mode.

In this gaming mode, all the assists are turned off. You only have yourself. If you are a gamer who plays racing games just for the fun of it and to challenge yourself constantly, then this gaming mode would serve to be one of the best inclusions of all time. Apart from the gaming modes, another revision that has occurred is the view that the player can experience. While playing, you can only get a proper view of the road ahead. You need to overcome the obstacles as and when they arrive in front of you.

Players do not know what they want. They have been fed the same kind of games for a while now. They are so accustomed to what a racing game should look like, they forget to ask for something that would be better, and would appeal to their adventurous and racy sides. That is when the developers of new games come into play. They showed the audience how much more they deserve, and how easily and with so much lesser resources can it be achieved.

The following features are an example of the same. The player is not allowed to perceive any of the other parts of the environment that the game resides in except for the part of it that the player can see from their driving seat. This increases the thrill of the entire gameplay.

You do not know what is coming your way. This keeps you on the edge of your seat always. Some of the racing games have assists that help the player to take some of the decisions during racing, but not F1 The pro mode of the game does not provide you with any assists.

You are there all alone. You need to develop your skills and find your way ahead in the game. This again appeals to the Explorer and adventurer in you. Both of the aspects of the game that we have just discussed challenge the player. The game does not let the player sit and rest for a while. Rather it keeps on urging the player to keep playing better and better still. When you sit down to play the game, this strange adrenaline rush throughout your body is proof of the challenging nature of the game.

There might not be any open-world structure involved in the game. But the graphics are amazing nonetheless.


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F1 puts you in the heart of the action with a stunning new game engine that recreates the blisteringly fast and highly responsive racing. F1 – a racing simulator of the most popular motorsport series. Thanks to the updated Ego Engine, it has made significant progress over past Codemasters. F1 – Minimum System Requirement · OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit · Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad @ GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 @ GHz · Memory: 4 GB.