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最も人気のある DAW オーバーレイ – Cubase/Nuendo、Logic Pro X、Digital Input: MackieControl Input(iCON Platform Nano V) You can download Fresh IDE trial version here and the portable edition here. Tutorial for creating an FCRTUC. The FCRTUC is a compact yet powerful USB

– Information:


The r Download DSOF – Fixed and issue where the Parallel mapping plane in the visualiser did not render. We have reports of users experiencing audio clicking or popping. Release However, we recognise that this has not been completely cleared up.

Audio clicking may still be prevalent on higher frequency sounds. If you experience this try the following workarounds:. Additionally, under heavy load, if a project starts to drop frames this may have a knock-on effect on the audio, especially if embedded into a video file. If you have already sequenced your project in x and want to downgrade the project to an earlier release prior to the audio issues, there is a special version of Version Although the layer supports higher numbers of grid points, this comes with the consequence of taking longer to load on project start but will not delay the project itself.

It is recommended not to exceed 64 grid points. Doing a rig check from simulated plan to actual cameras for the first time can result in the physical cameras being not found. Workaround: run the rig check with simulated cameras. Download r15 Launch Changelog. Failure to start the project if a vx 4 is a Slave to a gx or pro range Master.

More robust handling of HDMI cards to ensure they get recognised at startup. Intermittent failure to start caused by HDMI VFC cards clashing with nvidia enumeration evident particularly on gx 2s. These four have potential fixes identified, but need to go through the process of code review and verification. These two are still under investigation. For more information on any of the following please contact support quoting the DSOF number of the issue.

If you encounter any additional bugs or issues please let us know through the community platform. Issue: Renderstream and the Colour Calibration in the xR workflows does not work on gx1, gx2, or 2×4 hardware. Workaround if known : New Operating System will be released in Q2 OR enable project setting disableColourCalAcceleration to fall back on software only calibration.

Issue: DSOF – GPU throttling on RTX range can cause frame drops in scenes with low GPU load. Workaround if known : Change power management mode manage 3d settings in NVIDIA Control Panel to “Prefer Maximum Performance”. Issue: DSOF – If colour management is set to ACES, crossfade transitions has a strange brightness and pops. Issue: DSOF – Multi User Edit in UE requires preferred sync adapter to be set to a network adapter which is available to all machines.

Workaround if known : Often the preferred sync adapter is set to the 25Gb network to facilitate faster sync. Unless all machines in the network have a 25Gb adapter, the preferred sync adapter must be set to another network adapter when multi user edit sessions are running in UE.

The adapter can be changed back for when running sync tasks. Issue: DSOF – Current NCAM data implementation used can exhibit unreliable packet timing. Issue: DSOF – Remote install to multiple machines sometimes fail to re-install after un-install at the remote machine. Issue: DSOF Default ACES configuration: GUI defaults to sRGB, OUTPUT will maintain ACES transformation. Issue: DSOF When arrowing Renderstream into blur layer when spatial mapped stops Renderstream updating in spatial map.

Workaround if known : No workaround as 3d viewport data does not persist over arrows or pre-comps. Issue: DSOF Clustered Rendering: d3service requires restart for asset discovery to work on new Unity executables. Issue: DSOF – Feed mapping editor shows white screens in a notch layer on first use. In subsequent use it will then show the first pixel. Issue: DSOF – Editor machines with a user account linked to an Microsoft Account can’t join d3 sessions due to permissions errors.

Workaround if known : Instead of compositing a screen set to backplate render over the top of the MR Set backplate in d3, composite the additional backplate screen content in the render engine. Issue: DSOF – Looping within a section with loop play mode occasionally plays content of first frame in next section. SDI VFCs are unable to achieve a guaranteed genlock to an interlaced genlock signal.

This is due to the way in which the sync cards for both AMD and NVidia GPUs detect genlock signals. Firmware version 1. To properly use this feature, you will need to have the relevant equipment to be able to measure the phase of the SDI output.

Any Q-SDI VFC shipped with firmware 1. disguise OS Image Version The OS update rolls up windows to version 21H2 bringing with it significant changes to the Windows operating system. It is an update that allows us to provide improved Nanite support in Unreal Engine 5.

Windows 21H2 is the precursor to Windows 11; packed with features and all the latest security updates to mid April Welcome rx, to the next generation of disguise OS. Part 1 — 4GB Part 2 — 4GB Part 3 — MB. This will recover your OS to your current version using the recovery partition.

disguise OS Image Version A. This is a minor bug fix update built on OS It includes fixes to the UAC for d3 remote install and mellanox driver fixes for renderstream licensing. Base OS includes cumulative security updates to March and the latest available non-DCH NVIDIA driver from Jan rx OS A – Release Notes — 85 KB rx OS A – Part 1 — 4 GB rx OS A – Part 2 — 4 GB rx OS A – Part 3 — GB.

Please note this OS does not support Nanite and may have some bugs with mellanox connectivity. This cumulative OS update includes the latest system drivers recommended and tested by the disguise team built with the latest windows security updates. Please Note: A new vx12 OS is currently scheduled for release on the 16th June This OS will include a major update to d3, renderstream and mellanox drivers as well as an updated NVIDIA driver to support Notch blocks.

DO NOT DOWNGRADE TO THIS OS, as new versions of the OS include an SMC device update that if downgraded will brick the SMC OLED. disguise OS This OS has no previously recorded release notes. Please use at your own risk.

disguise OS Image Version F. We recommend everybody running on OS to update to this version. The OS update reverts the AMD graphics to the previous version found in OS v. It includes Windows cumulative, security, and driver updates available up to February minus KB as recommended and tested by the disguise team.

Driver updates include the Mellanox driver and firmware to support improved data flow. Included is our latest SMC firmware which improves IMPI security and OLED character display for the vx range. The management port at the back of the vx 4 media server is not a network adapter and should not be connected to a switch. This device is displayed as disguiseMGMT or MGMT in the list of network adapters and utilises the device known as Intel I Gigabit Network Connection 2. Several disguise services rely on this adapter to configure and manage hardware such as the OLED and VFC backplane through d3.

It is important that this network adapter is not utilised nor the IP v4 address changed. To help highlight this we have changed the name of the adapter port on the new OS from MGMT to disguiseMGMT.

If your Mellanox card is not licensed with Rivermax after update please contact support with the serial number of the Mellanox card. Find out more about SMC in our user guide. At disguise, we release OS image updates as follows: Base version number etc will always contain all the drivers as listed above.

Rolling or decimal updates. If you have OLED issues with your vx 4 after a reimage, please contact support disguise. one to assist you in recovering the SMC contact. Download Mellanox Drivers — 47MB. This image includes no driver change, however it patches a critical bug released in A fix to the windows product id process on deployment prevents windows from failing to activate post deployment, as in previous versions of the OS image.

Nvidia driver updated to Lower versions of the Nvidia driver also showed instability in Genlock. This version has been rigorously tested by the disguise team. Driver and firmware versions are detailed in the corresponding section s below. Part 1 here — 4. Part 1 here — 4GB Part 2 here — 4 GB. disguise OS Image Version B. Part 1 — 4. Part 1 here — 4GB Part 2 here — 4GB. This is a cumulative OS update fixing key deployment bugs in OS and providing cumulative security updates to Windows 8.

A bug fix included in It also includes a missing USB 3. In addition to the above cumulative updates the following Windows and Deployment bugs are directly patched by OS d3 will maintain the previous version on your media server. Please note the latest d3 for the 4x pro range is r The fixes as detailed below resolve bugs found within the OS and d3 r When upgrading from an OS Version lower than please note the following key changes to the OS apply in addition to the above:.

Part 1 here — 4GB Part 2 here — 3. The solo OS is built within the long term servicing channel LTSC of Windows 10 and runs Windows 10 LTSB until It includes security and cumulative system update up to mid April Updates to the NVIDIA Graphics drivers, and. net 4. Newer capture card drivers are included for both optional Bluefish and Vision cards.

Part A — 4. Accept Decline. r21 ツールキットが進化、 パフォーマンスも強化 操作性、カラーワークフロー、 パフォーマンスが向上 ダウンロード r21 建てる: リリース 3月 30 特長 リリースノート リソース 以前のバージョン ハードウェア. 実戦テスト済み この新しいリリースでは、業界のエキスパートや disguise ユーザーグループとのコミュニケーションに基づき、使用頻度の高い機能から改善しました。 エキスパートの集まるコミュニティからの要望やライブショーでの経験により、Designerによるカラーマネージメントの便利なツールと新しい手順が追加されました。 このバージョンアップはあなたの次のプロダクションに不可欠となるかもしれません。以下でご確認ください。 r21をダウンロード.

カラーパイプラインの管理 私たちは詳細に検討したエンドツーエンドのカラーワークフロー、そして正確なカラーグレーディングを可能にするエキサイティングな新機能をこのリリースで追加しました。さらに、ご要望の多かった広く使われているカラーフォーマットのサポートも追加しました。. ベクトルスコープ 色精度の検証を容易に. ノートツール メモを追加して、共同作業を円滑に. RenderStream UI ワークロードの統合的な管理方法. エキスパートたちと一緒に作り上げた ワークフローのスペシャリスト、映画プロデューサー、クリエイター、技術者の皆様、インサイダーグループの皆様、この場をお借りしてお礼申し上げます。皆様の貴重なご意見は、番組やプロダクションでDesignerがどのように使用されているかを理解するのに役立ち、今後の機能開発に不可欠なインサイトを与えてくれています。. r21 新機能. カラーワークフロー機能 カラーピッカー ヒストグラム ベクトルスコープ 波形 RGBパレード リニアエクスポージャーとガンマコントロール 自由度の高いガンマ補正.

新たに対応したカラーフォーマット LUT ファイルサポートの拡充 CDLのインポート、作成、エクスポート IDTファイルのサポート拡充 Blackmagic Gen5 IDT のサポート. 操作性の向上 ディレクター機プロンプトの終了 ノートツール レイヤーのコピーペースト スムースステップ補間 ワープポイント. パフォーマンスと安定性 多言語処理速度の改善 RenderStreamの安定性の向上. r21のリリースノート r21の改善および既知の問題の修正を行いました。現地語でのサポートをご希望の場合は、support disguise. New Features. DSOF RenderStream: highlight ‘Default Assigner’ field if the selected ClusterAssigner is in an unsupported configuration DSOF RenderStream: Notch engine settings DSOF Improvements to RenderStream UI DSOF Actor Status Widget Renderstream section should only show machines that are currently in cluster pools in the project DSOF The Actor Status Widget RenderStream machine dropdown should start collapsed.

DSOF Ability to clean up list of streams on RenderStream machines. json should be a combined file with all APIs DSOF Warn in feed view when output bit depth does not match DSOF Add context menu option to windows explorer to set d3 project as the startup project DSOF Warn user when actor is in application mode DSOF Add Separate rotation delay to the camera in case your tracking source sends rotation and translation separately.

DSOF Expose chroma sub-sampling information to users in the feed view DSOF Shortcut to rename selected layer DSOF Add tooltip for projector study DSOF Improve Console logging for shows being controlled by Artnet DSOF Search Function in keyboard shortcut widget F1 DSOF Warp points to appear on outputs DSOF Link “sticky notes” to any object or widget DSOF Ability to save notes to output folder as a txt file DSOF Asset library: have a ‘Root’ tab which shows only the assets placed in the root.

DSOF – Fixed OmniCal simulated plans DSOF – Fixed an issue where GUI text was rendering incorrectly in some widgets DSOF – Fixed the Receive Health window being unreadable DSOF – Fixed RenderStream channel mapping order not being user controllable DSOF – Fixed rawTracking.

DSOF – Fixed an issue where starting up a director with an actor already in session will force the director to wait for second timeout to launch. DSOF RenderStream: Fixed an issue where the instance status in Cluster Workload widget was not always correct DSOF – Fixed an issue where Images reprojected badly on bad camera switch DSOF – Fixed an issue where Symbols cannot be loaded for encrypted dlls DSOF – Fixed an issue where you could multi-select actors in ActorStatusWidget but could not issue actions against the whole selection DSOF – Fixed an issue where IdentityDomain had one less resource than the resource system at first project run DSOF – Fixed an issue where RenderStream attempted to use unplugged adapters for ndisplay sessions DSOF – Fixed an issue where console files have unix line endings, causing incorrect formatting in certain applications DSOF – Added.

rc files to d3assetlauncher, d3renderstream and d3renderstreamsend DSOF – Fixed an issue where after assigning a dmx table to a screen, d3 adds two empty lines in the CSV file. Workaround: Add a static entry into the local systems ARP table. Open an elevated commant prompt. Find out MAC for IP, could use arp -a to see existing entries in local arp cache.

Run netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces to get a list of interface names. g netsh interface ipv4 add neighbors “Wi-Fi” Otherwise network issues may occur in the future sending the manually added IP addresses. Affects version: r In subsequent use it will then show the first pixel Workaround: Not known Affects version: r リソース 最新のドライバー、デモプロジェクト、PDF版ガイドなどで最新情報を入手できます。現地語でのサポートをご希望の場合は、support disguise.

Resource Categories. 以前のバージョン 最新リリースは以下からご利用いただけます。以前のバージョンが必要な場合、または現地語でのサポートをご希望の場合は、support disguise. Previous Versions — select an option — r Sockpuppet: Notch exposed property’s min max value is not carried through in DMX personality Stage: export stage throws an access violation Creating blank project in r Designer now allows physical video inputs to be assigned to all 4 slots Indirections Layer Multi Edit The user can now specify a lower frame rate fraction for the GUI Solver smoothing factor setting in the rigid body editor Users can now assign key framable objects to hotkeys to allow for faster keyframing Banks are now available for OSC Sockpuppet Reference point list Stage export now supports additional formats.

Technical Advisories. Notch Extremely demanding Notch blocks can cause an oversubscription of available memory resources – click here for full advisory. Meshes are no longer loaded in parallel on background threads.

Creating reshape mesh with OmniCal creates perpetual hang on project launch. Fixed Quad coupling 4 SDI signals for 4k capture on Deltacast cards. exe no longer marked as DPI aware in r New features. txt now includes empty directories. OmniCal Potential signal drop from wireless OmniCal kits – click here for full advisory.

DSOF – New Feature: DMX Screen type – GBR DSOF – New Feature: DMX Screen type – BRG DSOF – New Feature: Export list views to CSV files. DSOF – New Feature: OmniCal: Improvements to network performance in busy network environments. DSOF – New Feature: Import projectors from CSV files DSOF – New Feature: TelnetMatrix devices can now have header and footer messages appended to the routing commands. This is to allow batch scripting of large quantities of matrix routes from a single device.

DSOF – New Feature: Improvements to the OmniCal Camera Stats user interface. DSOF – New Feature: Proof Of Play – enabled via an Advanced Project Option, this will write a text log file for every clip played.

DSOF – New Feature: Added support for FreeD protocol and BlackTrax Helios system as camera tracking sources DSOF – New Feature: Machine Status is now available via Telnet Json commands using JsonMachineControl device.

DSOF – New feature: Tracks now display timecode format in their header DSOF – New Feature: TelnetMatrix devices now automatically zero-pad variables when the variable is preceded with a number of 0s. DSOF – New Feature: d3 now prompts when your licence is nearing expiry DSOF – New feature: Sequenced Transitions DSOF – New Feature: Video Clip editor now shows the total length in H:M:S:F format as well as frames.

DSOF – New Feature: Ability to define the OSC heartbeat rate DSOF – New Feature: VR now allows you to stand on venue mesh objects DSOF – New Feature: User selectable value ranges for brightness, volume and colour properties. These are selectable from Project Settings. DSOF – New Feature: DMX Universe 1 now outputs without watermark on Designer licences – to enable EVO capabilities. DSOF – New Feature: Props now have an option to select if they cast a shadow, and the scale factor of that shadow.

DSOF New Feature: Projector Masks now simulate in the stage simulator as well as affecting outputs. DSOF – New Feature: Ability to define the OSC heartbeat rate DSOF – New Feature: VR now allows you to stand on venue mesh objects DSOF – New Feature: Support for 48fps CEA timing modes DSOF – New Feature: GUI now supports ultra wide monitors. DSOF – New Feature: Play Status as an OSC stream. DSOF – Notch: Performance improvements due to memory allocation changes.

DSOF – Improved tools for debugging issues with display devices. DSOF – System Diagnostics now contain advanced windows network configuration to aid in support. DSOF – Manipulators now remember their status when you restart d3 DSOF – Multi-editor now shows a splash screen when certain objects have been exported to a CSV DSOF – Added support for Unicode keyboard character input directly into d3.

DSOF – Camera Wireframes can now be hidden from stage visualisers. DSOF – OmniCal: Performance improvement with bundle adjustments. DSOF – Notch: Support for Unicode characters in text parameters. DSOF – Notch: Exposed parameters are now refreshed when remotely live-edited in Notch Builder. DSOF – OmniCal: Speed improvement of capture due to white level masks being used to take projector images in parallel.

DSOF – Alt Dragging selected ranges now allows bulk addition of objects to a list for example, adding multiple screens to a mapping DSOF – OmniCal: Added ability to resume captures after timeout errors. DSOF – Emulated EDIDs now use the disguise VID DSOF – Resolved an issue where exported layers which were locked at the time of export would be imported to the same time in the new track.

DSOF – Improved the handling of sort ordering when opening certain array boxes DSOF – Added new buttons to ProjectorDevice editor DSOF – Improved shutter response times when using ProjectorDevice DSOF – List arrow sources in layer DMX Personalities DSOF – The firmware version field will no longer be shown for VFC cards which do not have firmware HDMI and DP VFCs DSOF – CITP: Added a “None” option when selecting a DMX Device DSOF – Improved the UI of the multi-edit editor.

DSOF – Fading Down could sometimes cause warped feeds to lose their warping. DSOF – Improvements to bit behaviour on AMD based servers. DSOF – When failing over from DMX trigger, the playhead of the understudy could sometimes jump backwards in time. DSOF – When starting up d3 with an MST monitor connected, the GUI output would move to a VFC head on AMD based systems.

This has now been resolved. Note that d3 does not support MST for outputs. DSOF – Resolved an access violation when Notch blocks were deleted. DSOF – Resolved an issue with video layers not outputting the correct frame when clip and output fps were adjusted DSOF – Multi-editor renaming a device didn’t take effect until enter was pressed, but was immediately reflected in the UI.

This has now been made consistent. DSOF – Notch: “Error caught in block DSOF – DMX: When deleting DMX patches, the DMX Patch Settings window would stay open. It now closes automatically. DSOF – Notch: When opening a block from an editor, it would sometimes get reset. DSOF – SockPuppet: UI for setting bank allocations wouldn’t allow for mappings to be mapped to slots. DSOF – Manipulators now syncronise their status between different widgets DSOF – Resolved an issue where locked layers would incorrectly split when timelines were split.

DSOF – Text fields now filter disallowed characters when pasting content from 3rd party applications. DSOF – Multi-editor: fixed an issue where copied rows were not saved properly DSOF – Fixed an issue where toggling locked to master caused the 3D manipulator controls to appear on the editor DSOF – Fixed an issue where Notch layers did not upgrade properly from specific projects DSOF – Added support for coupled capture inputs 2x as well as 4x on gx 2c.

DSOF – Multi-editor sometimes does not export if the file extension gets deleted DSOF – Fixed an issue that caused the GUI to be rendered in place of a missing diffuse map DSOF – Fixed an issue where understudy failover commands could be sent before matrix routing commands were sent, resulting in mis-timed failovers.

DSOF – Fixed a rare issue that caused an error when using the F1 help widget DSOF – Fixed an issue that caused an error when copying multiple keyframes into multiple keyframe editors DSOF – Resolved an issue where masking objects on projectors disabled DSE on blends between active regions DSOF – Resolved an issue with repatching Notch layers which would result in them losing all their properties.

DSOF – Agile Camera device now has Invert Pan and Invert Tilt functionality DSOF – Resolved an issue where certain Windows permissions could cause d3.

exe to fail to launch. DSOF – Fixed an issue that caused a hang when moving a large amount of layers DSOF – Resolved an issue where DSE caused there to be an outline around mask objects. DSOF – Fixed an issue that caused field duplication when importing projectors DSOF – Fixed an issue where an error was thrown if a notch layer was deleted before the playhead DSOF – Fixed an issue where some DPI settings could cause errors on startup DSOF – Fixed an issue where loading a Notch block without a notch license would cause a layer to become corrupt DSOF – Fixed an issue that altered the default mouse wheel steps for editing keyframable parameters DSOF – Fixed an issue that caused exposed parameters to re-appear after an undo action DSOF – Resolved an issue where SockPuppet Video layers with Speed toggled off would not play video.

DSOF – Screenshots on a Solo now correctly screenshot the GUI head. DSOF – Typing in the search bar in CueSetList no longer resizes the Notes column. DSOF – Half Speed Low Latency mode now has improved latency behaviour. DSOF – Disabling and re-enabling manipulators would always reset the mode to Transform, now they will remember their mode. DSOF – Resolved an issue where deleting an EventTransportDMX patch from the DMX Patch window would have no effect.

DSOF – Fixed text overlapping issue in the ProxyMaker DSOF – Multi-editor: rows outside of the scroll view were incorrectly ignored for actions DSOF – Multi-editor: fixed an issue where pasted values could show disallowed characters DSOF – Improvements to the Auto Z clipping algorithm DSOF – Right clicking on Blend modes no longer shows an expression field, since expressions can’t be applied to Blend modes.

DSOF – Resolved an issue with EventTransportDMX where Brightness would be set if any DMX on the same universe was received.

DSOF – Improved support for Swedish keyboard character usage DSOF – Resolved a bug related to the UV maps of alembic files as projection surfaces. DSOF – Fixed an issue that sometimes occurs when deleting a group of layers DSOF – Improved tooltips to reflect new bit based values DSOF – Fixed an issue where the multi-edit dialogue would not open for feed rectangles DSOF – Fixed an issue where changing device manager could sometimes create a stall DSOF – Fixed an issue that sometimes hung the main thread when moving a camera in the stage DSOF – Added support for longer projector names in Identify test pattern mode.

DSOF – Failover Test field in EventTransportDMX does not pulse blue when the value changes DSOF – Trial no longer shows ‘VR Navigator’ menu, since VR is not supported in Trial. DSOF – Fixed an issue in the video layer that sometimes occurs when baking keyframes DSOF – Fixed an issue in the UI rendering of projector mask preview DSOF – Resolved some memory leaks related to manipulators.

DSOF – Fixed an issue where the quantiser volume was not shown as a slider DSOF – Fixed an error when attempting to use a notch layer with no name DSOF – OmniCal: Mesh deform improvements on points seen by two cameras. DSOF – 8 bit display modes were sometimes displayed in the VFC configuration properties despite the output being connected to a bit monitor DSOF – Quantiser metronome now supports values rather than DSOF – Fixed an issue where notes could sometimes span two lines.

dll [DSOF] – VR: Prevent DMX Light beams from following headset movement. r17 changelog. r17 Release Notes — 93KB. Download r17 Build Released 08 1月 Workflow changes. Drago, to 8-bit on load Tone mapping must be done in the Colour Profile on the Video Clip or Display to keep same behaviour bit control Brightness, volume and colour values have been remapped from 0 – to 0. custom expression for DMX control of layer brightness Open layers connected to these properties may need to be rebuilt e.

prop alpha ScreenPositionAxes and ScreenPositionExpressions connected to these properties may need to be rebuilt e. fade display alpha using automation DMX personalities are 8-bit by default but some properties can be changed to bit by editing the DMX personality in the Patch Assignments OSC sockpuppet will no longer accept values in the old 8-bit ranges for these properties DMX personalities Now versioned by d3 version r v10 Prefixed by disguise instead of d3 Various flaws and duplicated fields cleaned up.

This does not happen after you switch stages. Audio layer DMX personality was missing parameters [DSOF] – Blur module mapped white to output on creation [DSOF] – SockPuppet. r16 and r17 dmx personalities are not compatible [DSOF] – Access violation when closing the parameters of a module [DSOF] – When piping multiple layers together.

Technical advisories. r16 changelog. r16 release notes — 86 KB. Download r16 Build Released 07 8月 iPods [DSOF] – List Editor: Review short-term changes made to some list editor in r dll not running [DSOF] – Changing between different Drivers will make all ASIO outputs go “Unknown” [DSOF] – QuickCal correspondence point rendering doesn’t work with feed-proxied Projectors [DSOF] – List Editor: Fix scrolling [DSOF] – Changing bit depth via NvAPI fails occasionally depending on current display mode [DSOF] – Video in 5 to 16 get lost forever after send them to the trash until project restart [DSOF] – ObjectView items remain at previous size after deleting long text [DSOF] – OmniCal: VimabCamServer writes temp files to project directory [DSOF] – Root cause vx 4 stall on quit [DSOF] – Omnical.

DMX channels of axis created with a DMX screen position receiver driver overlaps [DSOF] – Audio will stop and Video skips frames if the mode is changed from timecode to normal via sockpuppet. file handling [DSOF] – OmniCal – When OmniCal not setup, ‘NoneType’ notification when user clicks “Resets plan projectors” [DSOF] – EDID emulation control on GUI and non-VFC heads is error prone and difficult to find [DSOF] – Multi Transport Track selection doesn’t work in x to r No column exists for “Name” error for Projector multi-selection [DSOF] – ListEditor: primary selection row does not support multi-row actions when selected using keyboard [DSOF] – Audio crackles and pops with multiple multichannel files and audio layer [DSOF] – OmniCal: View capture can only show white level and grid images of first projector in list [DSOF] – Access violation when updating projector control device when using simulation config [DSOF] – List Editor: Unable to lock multiple camera bookmark by clicking the first selected camera bookmark [DSOF] – List Editor: Multi-select and multi-edit does not work with MultiTransport Manager [DSOF] – Cue set list: Long Cue set list severely degrades frame rate [DSOF] – OmniCal: RigCheck fails to open if original plan data is not available [DSOF] – installer: include VimbaCamServer.

py [DSOF] – Tracking: MoSysF4 driver displays name twice in data monitor. pdf — 79Kb. This is the last bit version of the software. x relating to disk monitor [Projector Calibration] Reference point placement not always correct if the cursor is slightly off the mesh being calibrated to [Projector Calibration] Manage Reference points at surface extremes in particular models not handled well [Sockpuppet] Unexpected jumps while looping video via Sockpuppet.

Known issues. Upgrading bit to bit Sockpuppet shows There may be issues upgrading Sockpuppet projects from bit to bit in Exactly where are your contact details though? When I initially commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment is added I recieve 4 emails with the same comment. Perhaps there is a means you are able to remove me from that service?

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