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Compiler Intrinsics For more information about the extensions, visit the following third-party websites:. Intel AVX. A new Visual Basic compiler feature is added that enables Visual Basic developers to target their applications and libraries at platforms where the full Visual Basic Runtime is unavailable.

The Help Library Agent does not restart after content update. The Help Library Agent may crash when you first start it without content. When you copy source code that contains Japanese characters, the source code cannot be pasted to Microsoft Word correctly. When you stop doing extra layouts during the statement completion, the pop-up time can be shorten by 30 to 40 percent. The progress dialog box that appears for certain scenarios. Screen readers and tablets cause Visual Studio to crash when the pointer is pausing over the Undo button.

Error: The breakpoint will not currently be hit. This location could not be mapped to client side script. Additionally, Visual Studio SP1 adds the following improvements:. The function returns the “Undefined” command incorrectly when a JScript file is referenced.

Extra space is added under the code when the Keep tabs option is selected. The JScript function formatting option Parens does not function as “worded parentheses. The memory of the Visual Studio process increases to MB when you open another project, you leave the current project open, and the current project has lots of JScript files that are opened.

Loss of colorization and IntelliSense occurs after you update IntelliSense to reference a remote or non-existing service. The deployment of XAP files over 64 MB may fail for testing and debugging on physical telephone devices.

Additionally, Visual Studio SP1 contains the following improvements:. The Save dialog box appears when you close a solution after an event in Visual Basic is generated. A System. InvalidOperationException exception occurs when you start the design surface after you add an event.

You cannot open the designer for files that use Silverlight Toolkit Data Visualization components. Workflow files that are XAML-based pick up refactoring events from the code that is behind the workflow files.

Support for refactoring types in the TypeArguments attribute is added. When the brush editor is pinned, it can cause the same property to appear multiple times within the property inspector. The Content property cannot be displayed when the property inspector is sorted by source.

An error occurs if you apply a style that is loaded from another project by using the resource picker. The Expand or Collapse state of the Property category is not persisted after build and run.

Support for setting attached properties that have the same name but different namespaces in the property inspector is added. Support to add inheritance as a possible source indication for the property marker in the property inspector is added for Silverlight project. This problem may be caused by obtaining IntelliSense on a Grid’s x:Name. At design time in the Design pane, you cannot see applied custom Styles for controls. However, everything looks fine at run time. Erroneous squiggles may appear for attached properties, and this prevents the design surface from working.

An incorrect error may occur when you set the StrokeThickness property to 0 on Rectangles. Style IntelliSense for Silverlight does not show classes in the same namespace as the application. For example, you open a Visual Studio project. After a debug session, you cannot rebuild or debug the project again, and you receive an error message that resembles the following:. If you rename or undo a paste of Windows Forms controls in the designer, the designer file leaks during the Visual Studio instance.

You upgrade a Visual Studio project to Visual Studio , and you retarget the project to the. When you close the Visual Studio instance, a supported language version of Visual Studio may crash. When any local’s type comes from a signed assembly, Visual Basic does not show values in the Locals window. In large projects that contain many XML doc comments, you may experience delays in the editor when you type.

When you switch the focus between expression fields, you may experience delays in large Workflow Foundation projects. If the Multi-targeting Pack is not installed, the C language service crashes when you try to load a project. A crash report occurs when you change the Public field to Property. When you pause the pointer over a named argument, QuickInfo crashes if the method name matches the local class name. Managed Incremental Build parity with Visual Studio For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:.

Visual Studio SP1 fixes issues with stability of the compiler and code correctness for generated code. For example, this service pack fixes calling convention correctness for platform invoke and emitting XML document comments for extension methods. Additionally, this service pack improves the performance of generating an event hook up.

The “Schema Compare” feature ignores composing children when the Only compare elements that exist in the source item is enabled. When you use the Import SQL Script File Wizard, the script file contains a full-text index, and the Overwrite objects that already exist in the project check box is selected, tables in the script may be replaced. The “Schema Compare” utility comments out table columns when the utility writes updates to a project, and the object is set to SKIP.

An Incremental Database Project deployment becomes unresponsive when the project contains long check constraints that have to be normalized. JScript profiling does not work on Russian and other European and Latin American language operating systems.

Visual Studio crashes when you profile a Web Application project by using a customer web server setting. Use helper libraries with T4 much more easily because T4 no longer locks referenced assemblies in memory. You cannot open a diagram if you change an interface’s fully qualified name, and the Hide qualified name option is set to True. In this case, a realization to the interface is displayed as a lollipop. Modeling project allows users to create duplicate named references.

This problem can lead to project corruption. A null reference error occurs for explicit interface implementations and transient diagrams when you generate a sequence diagram.

The Devenv. A test run stops responding when the QTAgent fails to start or the test run stops responding in the Main function. Running large amount of tests on a lab environment leaves some tests in the “Not Executed” state.

The TestCaseId property comes out to be the same for all test cases that are associated with the same test method. Resetting automated test results can cause two changes of a point to appear in the warehouse as the current version. Analyzing test results causes the result to become the most recent result in the test point trend. You cannot collect Intellitrace data if the application that is being tested is started as a part of action recording for the test case.

The attachment count for test results returns 0 when iterating through large amounts of test results. Support for Expression Encoder 4.

The Build Service Host crashes if it is running in “Lab Mode,” and the service account does not have administrative credentials. When the build agent and the lab agent are installed on a non-lab managed virtual machine, the build agent does not start. FindMatchingControls method. Creating a Coded UI Test from an existing action recording do not display in the alternative credentials dialog box.

A Self-Tracking Entity Template does not generate code for function imports that do not have a return value. EntityKey property is nulled. A Self-Tracking Entities Template does not generate default values for scalar properties on complex types. Microsoft has confirmed that no Beta fixes were installed with Visual Studio Service Pack 1, and that the fix for each of the hotfixes listed was included in Visual Studio Service Pack 1.

Workaround for the known issue There is no workaround for this issue. No “Beta 1” hotfixes are installed on your system. You cannot uninstall the updates or remove the entries from the Installed Updates list because no files are actually installed on your system. The third-party products that this article discusses are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft.

Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, about the performance or reliability of these products. Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information. Known issues with using Microsoft Update. When you install this service pack, the installation process may continue and finish successfully if you try to stop the installation.

This issue may occur when the installation process is over half complete. If you start the installation process by selecting the “Download updates but let me choose whether to install them” option, and then select the “install update then shutdown” option, the service pack installation may fail.

After the computer restarts, you will be offered this service pack again, and installation will complete successfully. Still want an older version? Visual Studio and other Products. Web Installer. Visual Studio and Other Products. Isolated and Integrated Shells. Other Tools, Frameworks, and Redistributables. ARM x64 x Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime. Microsoft Build Tools Update 3. Visual Studio Full-featured IDE to code, debug, test, and deploy to any platform Free download. Visual Studio Code.

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Microsoft visual studio 2010 professional updates free download.Description of Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1


What is the difference between Visual Studio express and full product? I was going to install the crystal report support dlls and it requires the Visual Studio After I install the express, the crystal dll installation failed.

It did not like the epxress version maybe? Wednesday, May 22, PM. I’m searching for vs express and keep getting routed to vs I hope to get an answer soon. Thursday, October 1, PM. Wednesday, October 7, PM. Why is it that the link above cannot seem to be downloaded? Free download Windows x64 User Installer.

Linux x Visual Studio for Mac Version 8. Develop apps and games for iOS, Android, and web using. Free download. Help me choose! Download Visual Studio Community Professional Enterprise Learn more Visual Studio welcome guide Xamarin quick start Xamarin tutorials.

Download Visual Studio for Mac. Download Visual Studio Code. Download Visual Studio Code Linux x NET web apps Deploy and test your app on Azure. NET tutorials. NET Core. NET Core web apps Azure extensions make it easy to deploy your app to the cloud. Highlights Free code editor for Windows Build and debug Node. Download Visual Studio Professional and discover how this product can help programmers to create and test their own software solutions. Design and develop programs and applications with Visual Studio Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Requirements and additional information:.

It’s necessary to have an Internet connection to install this program. The trial version can be tested for 30 days that can be expanded to 60 days if you register the software. Antony Peel.


Microsoft visual studio 2010 professional updates free download.Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1

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