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In May , Zotero’s creators launched the web-based bibliography tool ZoteroBib zbib. These groups are frequently open for new members and visible by all, which means that, if you are a member of the right groups, you can easily find your way towards a variety of resources relevant to your interests. It also allows you to share the fruits of your labor with others.

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Zotero is a free, open source citation manager developed by the Center Zotero also adds functionality to Microsoft Word (Mac or Windows). Installing the Zotero Word plugin adds a Zotero tab to Microsoft Word. Help Documentation. Zotero Plugin for Word. Get Help with Zotero. Zotero.


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Computers in Libraries. October September June Reference management software. Category Comparison. Authority control. United States. Categories : Reference management software Bibliography file formats Clarivate. While there are several applications on the market, my favorite is Zotero , a freely downloadable and open-source application from the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

In my three-minute presentation I briefly demonstrate basic ways to use Zotero, such as capturing sources from the web and citing them in the preferred format of your academic field such as Chicago-style endnotes in history, or APA or MLA in-line citations and bibliographies in the social sciences and literature fields.

Or invite a student to do it. Or point your class to my video tutorial , which appears at the bottom of this page. Or assign them to read this essay. When I download Zotero , currently at version 4, my personal preference is Zotero Standalone for Mac, with the Chrome browser extension. How to download Zotero. If you choose Zotero for Firefox, click on the icon in the bottom-right corner of your browser.

If you chose Zotero Standalone, look for the Zotero icon in your Applications folder. Zotero for Firefox left and Zotero Standalone icon right. Mendeley Desktop 1. Download Mendeley Desktop 1. Screenshots of Mendeley Desktop 6. Mendeley Desktop x Such functionality is made possible by ‘translators’ — short pieces of computer code, or scripts [8] to understand the structure of web pages and to parse them into citations using its internal formats.

Zotero can also save a copy of the webpage, or, in the case of academic articles, a copy of the full text PDF. Users can then add notes, tags, attachments, and their own metadata. Items are organized through a drag-and-drop interface, and can be searched. Selections of the local reference library data can later be exported as formatted bibliographies.

Furthermore, all entries including bibliographic information and user-created rich-text memos of the selected articles can be summarized into an HTML report. Zotero users can generate citations and bibliographies through word processor plugins, or directly in Zotero, using Citation Style Language styles. The house styles of most academic journals are available in Zotero, and the bibliography can be reformatted with a few clicks.

Zotero also allows users to create their own customized citation styles. Zotero can associate notes with bibliographic items. Zotero has no institutional customer support service, but the Zotero website provides extensive information, including instructional screencasts, troubleshooting tips, a list of known issues, and user forums. Questions and issues raised in the forums are answered quickly, with users and developers suggesting solutions.

Also most citation style and translator codes are written by volunteers from the community and, as open-source scripts, may be used by third party tools as well, for example Wikipedia’s ‘Citoid’ citation generator. When using the Cita plugin, first released in , [15] Zotero supports automated retrieval and sharing of citation network data from and to external sources, and local citation network visualization.

Juris-M is a fork of Zotero with additional features supporting legal research and multilingual citations. It was created by Frank Bennett, an associate professor of comparative law at Nagoya University , who continues to maintain it. Many other European and Commonwealth jurisdictions are also supported. Synchronizing a library to zotero. In May , Zotero’s creators launched the web-based bibliography tool ZoteroBib zbib.

Development of Zotero has been funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation , the Alfred P.